E-Commerce Solution

E-Commerce Solution

E-Commerce has hit the Internet like a hurricane; thousands of new online businesses are opening around the world each year and these businesses are seeing their profits like skyrocket! Ecommerce has played a very important role in the way we do business. Being an ecommerce solution provider, we enable organizations to keep pace with the rapidly changing dynamics of business transactions. Ecommerce can be rightly defined as the purchasing or selling of goods or services and the transfer of funds in any way using electronic communications in inter-company and intra-company business activities. We can come up with an exceptional Ecommerce Business Solution for all kinds of B2B or B2C transactions. Our Ecommerce internet solution in India has been trusted by many and has helped them enhance their business capabilities. We provide highly functional, scalable, user friendly and secure e-commerce solutions. Our solutions include website design, website development, product integration, shipping and payment method integration, SSL Integration, Social Media Integration and deployment on live server.

Products Management

In products Management section you can manage your Inventory, Vendors, Promotions and Catalog. You can perform below operation in this section.

  • Manage Products Extra Fields
  • Manage Unlimited Categories
  • Manage Product Promotion
  • Mange Products Filter
  • Manage Unlimited Products
  • Manage Related Products
  • Search Product
  • Manage Products/Categories Import/Export
  • Bulk Update Products
  • Manage Manufacturer
  • Manage Catalog
  • Mange Product Options (Like Color, Size etc.)
product Management
Order Management

Order Management

In products Management section you can manage your Inventory, Vendors, Promotions and Catalog. You can perform below operation in this section.

  • Place Orders
  • Generate Packing Slip
  • Batch Processing of Order
  • Manage Orders
  • Manage Status of Order
  • Search Order
  • Send Invoice to Client

Customer Management

In Customer Management section we can manage all customers related operations. We can perform below operation in this section.

  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Orders
  • Manage Multiple Address
  • Partner/Business Enquiry Management
  • Reset Customer Password
  • Manage Newsletter Subscription
  • Manage Products Reviews
  • View Customer's Orders
  • Manage Customer's Inquiries
  • Manage Contact US Inquiries
  • Send Mail to Customers
Customer Mnagement

Shopping Cart Management

In front panel we can provide below facilities to our customers.

  • Fully Customizable Main Panel
  • Manage Newsletter Subscription
  • Informative Pages
  • Able to Manage Multiple Addresses of Customers
  • Manage Wish List Products
  • Filter Products
  • Category Drill-Down
  • Hot and Featured Product Listings
  • Update Product Quantities from Cart
  • Able to Give Reviews on Products
  • Share Products on Social Media
  • Share Products with Friends
  • Product Notification
  • Manage Customer Billing, Shipping
  • View Past Order History
  • Secure On-Line Ordering and Checkout
  • Use Promotional Code
  • Multiple Shipping Methods (UPS, FedEx)
  • Tax Calculation
  • Payment Methods Integration
  • Email Notification of Orders (To Customer and Admin Both)

Vouchers/Coupons Management

In this section we can manage all promotion or coupon related operations. We can perform below operation in this section.

  • Manage Coupons
  • Email Coupon to Customers
  • Put Limit on Coupon Codes
  • View Coupon Report

Content Management

All information display on our website is controlled by this section. We can perform below operation in this section.

  • Manage Pages Categories
  • Enable/Disable Pages
  • Manage Pages
content management
Seo Management

SEO Management

Our website is SEO Friendly. You can easily perform below SEO related operations.

  • Redirect one URL to other URL
  • Check for SEO Error in our System
  • Generate XML Sitemap
  • SEO Redirection


This section is containing so many useful reports. Below is a list of that reports.

  • Inventory Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Customer Report
  • Low Stock Products Report
  • Monthly Sales/Tax Summary
  • Customer Statistics
  • Products Review Report
  • Best Products Purchase Report
  • Keyword Search Report
  • Products Wish List Report
  • Daily Products Sales Report
  • Login History Report
  • Product Notification Report
  • Customer Order Total Report
  • Newsletter Subscriber Report
  • Abandoned Shopping Cart Report


In most of the company so many departments are available and some data are specific to particular department and other departments are not allow to access that information. E.g. For Sales person no need to give Products related facilities and that thing we can easily manage with this module. In this section we can create multiple user and assign specific information to that users. We perform below operation in this section.

  • Manage Groups
  • Manage Users
  • Make User Super Admin
  • Manage Permission for Groups
  • Assign Group to User
  • Change Password of User
Compunication managemnet


When customer use our solution, we send them so many automated mails and SMS. With this section we can manage all of these mails and SMS's content, format and branding. We perform below operation in this section.

  • Manage Email Template
  • Manage Keywords
  • Enable/Disable Email/SMS
  • Manage SMS Template
  • Manage Theme for Templates

Other Features

We Provides so many extra options and below is a list.

  • Manage Tax Zones
  • Manage Multiple Languages
  • Manage Shipping Charges
  • Manage Tax Rate Zone Wise
  • Manage Multiple Payment Methods
  • Send Email to Customers
  • Manage Multiple Currencies
  • Manage Multiple Shipping Methods


Feel free to send us your inquiry, we will go through it and do needful earliest.

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