Mandal Management System

Mandal Management System

Mandal Management system is created for all people who run Mandal and take monthly installment from members and give money on interest.

Why Our Mandal Management System?

  • Easily Manage Mandal Activities
  • Easy Management of all Members
  • Easy Management of Installment
  • Quick Add Installment
  • Easy Interest Receive Functionality
  • Other Charges Functionality
  • Easily Generate Statement for Members
  • Easy Loan Receive/Return Functionality
  • Bulk Email/SMS Send Functionality
  • Summary Report Which Give Overall Review of Mandal Performance
  • Permission Based Access on Different Modules
  • Web Based System so You Can Access It from Anywhere


This is a very first page of our system, in this page we can see quick summary of our Mandal like Mandal Information and Mandal Management Information.

Manage Mandal Activities


In this section we can enter all member's information.


With help of this panel all Mandal related operation are performed so this is most important part of system. In this panel user can perform below operations.

  • Manage Installment Schedule
  • Manage Installments
  • Manage Loan Given
  • Manage Interest Received
  • Manage Loan Return
  • Manage Other Charges
Mandal System in India
Mandal Management System in India


This section contains so many useful reports. With help of reports you can get almost any information in just a few clicks.


This section is used for control all Email and SMS send from our system.

Mandal Solutions in India


In office we have so many persons and everyone have different responsibilities. So with help of this module we can limit access to users. E.g. For Sales person no need to give Letterhead related facilities and that thing we can easily manage with this module.

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