Real Estate Solution

Real Estate Solution

Real Estate Solution is a dream project of Infosoft Solutions. This system is useful for any size Real Estate Companies. In this system we try to make all construction operation computerized.

Why Our Real Estate Solution?

Real Estate Solution system will help you to make your all working computerize and any information is just a click away.

  • Web Based System so You Can Access It from Anywhere
  • Manage Customers, Employees, Brokers and Banks
  • More Then 60+ Report Which Gives You Almost Any Information Looking For
  • More Then 15+ Statics Report Which Will Give You Quick Information
  • Manage Multiple Projects
  • Manage Partners
  • Manage Capital
  • Manage Project Assets
  • Manage Payment Plans for Assets
  • Sales of Assets
  • Payment Receive Against Sales
  • Broker Payments
  • Purchase Assets
  • Loan Given/Received
  • Loan Interest Payment
  • Loan Capital Payment
  • Income/Expense Management
  • Bank Deposit/Withdrawn Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Letterhead Management
  • TO Do Management
  • Document Management
  • Meetings Management
  • Access Right Management
  • Easy to Send Bulk SMS/Emails
  • JV Entry Management
  • Reduce Stress
  • Secure, Reliable, Simple and Easy to Learn
  • Helpdesk
Real Estate Solution in India


Dashboard is a main screen of the system where user can quickly show few important information related with business. Below is information’s which user can see with help of dashboard.

  • View Current Projects
  • View Ledger Statement
  • Quickly Access Reports
  • View Project Details
  • View Investment Details
  • View Payment Given/Receive Reminders
  • See Reminders Related with To-do and Meeting
  • View Loan Receive/Given Interest Reminders
  • Search for Customer, Assets, Projects & Sales
Real Estate Solution in India

Projects Management

Project Section is one of the very important sections of our system from where user can manage Projects, Partners, Assets, Payment Plans and also Keep track of Capital Invested by each partners. In this section we can perform below operations.

  • Manage Projects
  • Manage Partner
  • Assign Partners to Projects
  • Manage Assets of Projects
  • Manage Investments of Partners
  • Manage Payment Plans


Relation section is used to manage all persons with whom we are directing related like our Customers, Vendors, Sellers, Brokers and Employees. In this section we can perform below operations.

  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Employees
  • Manage Brokers
  • Manage Banks
Construction Solutions in India
Construction Solutions in India


Sales panel is most commonly used part of our system. In this panel we can easily manage all our Sales, Payments, Outstanding, Extra payments collection like meter charge. In sales section we can perform below operations.

  • Manage Sales
  • Cancel Sales
  • Print Sales Invoice
  • Assign Payment Plan
  • Manage Sales Payments
  • Print Payment Slip
  • Make Broker Payments
  • Manage Extra Payments like Meter Charges, Maintenance etc.


To manage our business one of the important part is to purchase land on which we can develop our project. So all this kind of purchases are managed by this section. In purchase section we can perform below operations.

  • Assets Purchases
  • Print Purchase Note
  • Remove Purchases
  • Cancelled Purchases
  • Set Payment Plan
  • Make Payments
  • Make Broker Payments
  • View Purchase Details
  • Print Payment Slip
Real Estate Solution in Gujrat
Real Estate Solution Gujrat


Loan panel is used to manage all loans which we given to other person/company or we take from other person/company. In this section we can perform below operations.

  • Give/Receive Loan
  • Edit Loan Information
  • Print Loan Given/Received Note
  • Give/Received Payment/Interest Against Loan
  • Remove Loan

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is used to manage all inventories which are used in project. We can add different inventory information’s like Name, Code, Unit and Purchase Rate. We can add different type of inventories and also manage Products, Product Purchases, Product Sales and Production.

In Inventory Management user can perform below operations.

  • Manage Products
  • View Stock Statement
  • Manage Products Purchases
  • Manage Products Sales
  • Manage Productions
Real Estate Solution in Gujarat
Real Estate Solution Gujarat

Finance Management

Finance Management is one of the important section for accounting, by this section we can manage our Expenses, Incomes, Deposits, Withdraws, Other Payments and Other Received. In Finance section we can perform below operations.

  • Manage Expenses
  • Manages Incomes
  • Manage Bank Deposits
  • Manage Bank Withdraws
  • Manage Other Payments
  • Manage Other Receive


This section contains so many useful reports. With help of our reports you can get almost any information in just a few clicks. This section contain more than 60 reports.

  • Project Reports
  • Relations Reports
  • Assets Reports
  • Capital Investment Reports
  • Project Summary Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Sales Payments Reports
  • Sales Outstanding Reports
  • Purchases Reports
  • Purchases Payments Reports
  • Purchases Outstanding Reports
  • Loan Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Incomes/Expenses Reports
  • Deposits/Withdraws Reports
  • Payments/Receives Not Cleared Reports
  • Ledger Statement Report
  • Cash Rojmel
  • Trading Account
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet
Construction Solutions in Gujarat
Construction Solutions in Gujarat


This section is representing data graphically. In this section we have given so many informative charts with help of which you can easily get valuable information. And we gave most of the charts in 4 formats like Pie Chart, Line Chart, Column Chart and Area Chart. You will get statistics information for below sections.

  • Investments
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Inventory
  • Expenses


Communication is use to manage all messaging activities between System, Partners, Brokers, Employees, Loan Receivers, Loan Givers and Customers. All communication which is done through email or by SMS is managed by this section.

Real Estate Solution in India
Builder Software in India

My Personal

My personal is additional facility develop by us to manage daily activities of customers. In this section we can perform below operations.

  • Manage To Do List
  • Manage Project Documents
  • Manage Meetings
  • Letterhead Printing

Users Management

In this section admin can manage permission of full system. In this section we can perform below operations.

  • Manage Group
  • Set/Reset Permission For Each Group
  • Manage User
  • Change Password For Any User
  • Assign Group To User
Builder Software India

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